Learning Self-Defense Could Save Your Life

Self-Defense isn’t necessarily something I had spent much time learning, but there’s always the big what if that looms over you.  What if I’m in a position that requires me to protect myself?

About a year ago, my nephew entered the Marines to embark on his own life adventures.  I was not wild about the idea, the Marines are being trained to go into combat and that’s the last place I wanted to see my nephew.  But the training he has received is impressive.  The honor he has developed for himself and the purpose he has found make the Marines a valuable education tool for young men and woman.

The Marines aren’t like any other military force in the world.  The young men and woman in the Marines are trained to protect, disengage, and dismantle their enemy, not extinguish.  Though they do have the ability to completely end a conflict, what makes them truly an effective force is that they are trained to first remove the threat without extermination.  For this reason, Marine self defense training is likely the best in the world.  After all they have the best resources available to them to train.

Last weekend my nephew took some time to teach me a few necessary self-defense moves.  Basic moves that everyone should know to protect themselves from assault, an intruder, or any type of attacker.

I learned quite a bit from James, although I do not think these moves are easy, and practice is necessary.

Self-Defense moves everyone should know against common attacks.

James taught me how to counter and defend myself from the front choke, how to put someone in an arm bar from a rear punch, how to do a take down leg bar, how to take a pistol or rifle from an attacker, how to stop an assault, how to free myself from a headlock or bear hug, how to block a punch or a kick, how to break free of a front choke or side choke, and many more self defense techniques.

James shows some self-defense moves particularly for woman as well. He may not be Master Wong or Mike Yap but he’s got some incredible military self-defense moves.



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