About The Authors

Shauna and Charlie are a modern day young couple who both had children prior to joining their families together.  One of the things that they both had in common was the desire to create a homestead.  A place, separate from the everyday hustle and bustle, where there children could grow up and learn fundamental values.  Owning land gave them the solitude and peace they were looking for as well as a tranquil environment enriched with wildlife and nature.

Prior to starting Yanasa Ama Ranch Charlie owned a Commercial Real Estate firm in Raleigh and Shauna worked as the Chief Operating Officer for a financial advisory firm in Pinehurst.  Finding a place in-between those two locations was initially the most important factor in determining where to live and start their homestead.

Charlie’s experiences over the years have focused around real estate, construction, property management, and marketing.  In his free time he enjoys  the thrills of outdoor adventures and being a dad.

Shauna’s work experience has been primarily business management, organization, as well as marketing and advertising.  She also enjoys the thrills of outdoor adventures along with travel and being a mom.

Charlie and Shauna started the Yanasa Ama Ranch social network to help provide a resource for new homesteaders as well as help them establish their new goals of operating a family business so they can focus on being parents to their three children, while continuing to utilizing their marketing and creativity.