Modern Homesteading

“One of the greatest assets of a FARM is the sheer ecstasy of LIFE.”  – Joel Salatin

“It is NOT what you DO for your CHILDREN, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.” – Ann Landers

Yanasa Ama Ranch Blog

Welcome to the Homesteading Blog of Yanasa Ama Ranch!  If you haven’t already done so please visit and subscribe to our Homesteading Vlog YouTube Chanel!  Our Blog is about Modern Homesteading.  We are a modern couple with a mixed family who set out to start a homestead of our own.  Along the way we’ve learned a lot.  Here well share with you our story, tips, and reviews of everything from building a house, growing crops, learning to live frugal, going off grid, and raising children.


Shauna and Charlie Rankin are Modern Homesteaders in North Carolina.  They believe homesteading is an essential way of life.  It is a means to self sufficiency and a method of teaching children how to preserve and find their way in the world. Homesteading isn’t just about gardening and growing your own food.  Homesteading is about learning to creatively provide for yourself and your family, while maintaining tenable moral without excessive consumption.  The more we learn to do for ourselves the more effect we can contribute to society.

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